MicroTomography non-destructive non-invasive testing

The Micro Tomography (MicroCT) facility at LIIFAMIRX is unique in its characteristics, properties and capabilities. The MicroCT performs high resolution non destructive and non invasive three-dimensional scanning at the integral multitask imaging beamline of LIIFAMIRX. Due to specific requirements, no equipment with high performance for scanning large volumes is commercially available. Thus our facility was completely designed and constructed at LIIFAMIRX dedicated to imaging, characterization and quantification of a wide varity of samples demanding dedicated testings and further analysis methods and associated software. Actually, the facility is continuously improved to increase the capabilities for specific research and application purposes.
The facility is open to external customers that frequently or eventually require analysis by high-resolution X-ray computed microtomography. Resolution of structural features around 150 microns allows for accurate and precise evaluation of organic and inorganic samples. Our analytical technique is capable of scanning large volumes around 1000 milileters determining sample morphology, density and physical properties, like some radiation absorption/scattering parameters.
The facility is often used for applications in biomedicine, odontology, oil industry, veterinary, geology, paleontology and agri-food industry, among others. We can provide solutions for:

  • Characterization of tissue and trabecular/cortical bone architecture, density and porosity.
  • Quantification of the mineralization distribution in teeth.
  • Quality assurance and structural testing for mechanics-engine parts.
  • Multitask testing for technical investigan
  • Dental implant, bone-implant contact
  • Imaging by contrast-enhanced for tumors and vasculature
  • Identification of diseases in mouse models, as well as other small animals like rabbit.

The main microCT facility’s technical data are:

  • Continuous X-ray source of variable accelerating voltages (20-60 kV) provided by CristaloFlex 3kW generator.
  • High resolution flat pannel X-ray Varian (PaxScan 2020+) detector.
  • Dedicated high presition electromechanics and controlling device.
  • High performance software for image analysis, tomography reconstruction and features’ quantification.
  • Field of view:  200 mm x 200 mm.
  • Thickness: 7 cm2/g equivalent (aprox.)
  • Imaging area:  200 mm x 200 mm.
  • Spatial Resolution: 150 microns (exceptionally 75 microns).
  • Beam homogeneity at maximum scanning area: 99.5% (after correction).
  • High photonm detection efficiency range: 10-150 keV.
  • Spectrum recoreded by CdTe solid state AmpTek (XR-100) detector.

 Advanced dosimetry


Dedicated software development